Sophie’s Welcome to AH

Hello to everyone reading this post! I’m Sophie, I’m new to Ana Hassett Performing Arts Consultancy and Research’s team  and this month I’m bringing to you a blog about my field of study, my interests and how they led me to work with them for my coop work placement!

I am currently a second year English, Media and Communications major. As part of my course, we do a semester long cooperative placement programme to get some experience and mentoring in a field that interests us and will hopefully lead us into further progressions of our desired career!

I’m aware that it seems kind of random that a Communications and English student got placement at a Performing Arts Consultancy but once you choose your course and see different opportunities arise, you learn that you are not necessarily limited by what you study directly but can go down many routes depending on your own outside-of-school or college interests. My course has given me many skills that I may not have otherwise. For example, if I didn’t study English, I might struggle with writing more or if I didn’t have an interest in music and have some experience with Performing Arts I probably wouldn’t have even applied to a Performing Arts company! Nonetheless, studying modules in a varied group of subjects meant I was confident that it has the potential to be quite a useful opportunity for me and a great chance to build on my experience!

When beginning college my intention was to go into journalism. Though I felt like this was the path I would commit to, after I finished my first year and now had much time to think about the future (thanks Corona!), I realised this career may not be the best fit. On one hand, I could have stressed about what my next move was, but I knew I wasn’t limited because my modules would open many doors. Also, though I do have an interest in learning about people, their field of interest and why they do what they do I also know that I would like to develop my own interests and maybe have more of an emphasis on why I do what I do! Currently I feel more drawn to TV Production or some form of media production and I do think these will fit me better!

In relation to Performing Arts, I have always loved music and have played the piano for seven years now! I always enjoyed learning music in and outside of the classroom and very much enjoyed studying Music and Dance with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance as part of the first year of my course! I’m not studying Performing Arts, but I do know I have a great appreciation for music, dance and other creative fields that encourage, advocate for, and of course create art! As I mentioned, I see film and writing as two forms of expression that I’d love to explore more alongside my own hobby personal hobby of music.

Regarding my own music practice, my taste has changed many times over the years! I remember when growing up I would hear piano music and there was always a piece of me that was drawn to the instrument. After a year I realised the interest wasn’t going anywhere any time soon, so I began learning and sure enough I stayed committed to it since then! The genre I learned piano in was probably unsurprisingly classical but since I finished attending lessons my preference is pop and funnily enough, I nearly never lean towards classical pieces unless there’s one I really love. I have had a go composing music, but I must say I haven’t been wholly successful in my attempts just yet! HOWEVER, as I gain inspiration and get back into the swing of playing and attempting to spur on my own creative skills who’s to say what’s to come! 😉

That’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog on this page and next time you hear from me I’m going to be sharing my first experience on a video set!

See you when I see you,                                          

Much love,