Tadgh’s words on 2021


The year it’ll all hopefully turn around. From lockdown to lockdown and now to lockdown again , we finally have a bit of hope on the horizon, a bit of light. 

  But behind us we have a year of hardship, loss, grief and hopelessness – as well as a year also consisting of hope, love, happiness, improvisation, joy and coming together in ways that we never thought to be necessary in order to make new memories.

    We loved and we lost, we laughed and we cried, we sat alone in silence and we stood together shouting, dancing cheering and jumping. We lay down and we got up, we walked and we ran and sometimes we felt like the weight of the world was on our shoulders. We took deep breaths and we felt calm, we breathed in fresh air and we watched sunsets and sunrises, we ran and we felt each footstep impact on the hard tarmac road, the soft grassy pitch or the lumps and bumps of the sand. We felt the cold encompassing of the ocean as it washed around us, freeing us from whatever was on our minds and forcing us to live in the present moment. We text and we called and we snapped and we facetimed. We hung up and then we subconsciously thought how was this all possible, what in the world was actually happening,  never really truly knowing what in the world was going on. 

   We missed our friends, we missed the sleepovers and it has to be said, we never truly noticed how much we actually missed sitting in silence and doing absolutely nothing with our best friends, until we couldn’t do it anymore. 

    This, in turn, gave us a chance to learn a lesson. A lesson in gratitude, in not taking things for granted. 

In time, we will party again. We will dance and sing and drink and laugh and love and hug. We’ll get into arguments and moods and we’ll want to be left alone. We will cheer up and say sorry and move on. We will cherish each and every moment we live and we experience.

Keep the faith and keep on keeping on 😁

Tadgh Kennedy

Sophie’s Welcome to AH

Hello to everyone reading this post! I’m Sophie, I’m new to Ana Hassett Performing Arts Consultancy and Research’s team  and this month I’m bringing to you a blog about my field of study, my interests and how they led me to work with them for my coop work placement!

I am currently a second year English, Media and Communications major. As part of my course, we do a semester long cooperative placement programme to get some experience and mentoring in a field that interests us and will hopefully lead us into further progressions of our desired career!

I’m aware that it seems kind of random that a Communications and English student got placement at a Performing Arts Consultancy but once you choose your course and see different opportunities arise, you learn that you are not necessarily limited by what you study directly but can go down many routes depending on your own outside-of-school or college interests. My course has given me many skills that I may not have otherwise. For example, if I didn’t study English, I might struggle with writing more or if I didn’t have an interest in music and have some experience with Performing Arts I probably wouldn’t have even applied to a Performing Arts company! Nonetheless, studying modules in a varied group of subjects meant I was confident that it has the potential to be quite a useful opportunity for me and a great chance to build on my experience!

When beginning college my intention was to go into journalism. Though I felt like this was the path I would commit to, after I finished my first year and now had much time to think about the future (thanks Corona!), I realised this career may not be the best fit. On one hand, I could have stressed about what my next move was, but I knew I wasn’t limited because my modules would open many doors. Also, though I do have an interest in learning about people, their field of interest and why they do what they do I also know that I would like to develop my own interests and maybe have more of an emphasis on why I do what I do! Currently I feel more drawn to TV Production or some form of media production and I do think these will fit me better!

In relation to Performing Arts, I have always loved music and have played the piano for seven years now! I always enjoyed learning music in and outside of the classroom and very much enjoyed studying Music and Dance with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance as part of the first year of my course! I’m not studying Performing Arts, but I do know I have a great appreciation for music, dance and other creative fields that encourage, advocate for, and of course create art! As I mentioned, I see film and writing as two forms of expression that I’d love to explore more alongside my own hobby personal hobby of music.

Regarding my own music practice, my taste has changed many times over the years! I remember when growing up I would hear piano music and there was always a piece of me that was drawn to the instrument. After a year I realised the interest wasn’t going anywhere any time soon, so I began learning and sure enough I stayed committed to it since then! The genre I learned piano in was probably unsurprisingly classical but since I finished attending lessons my preference is pop and funnily enough, I nearly never lean towards classical pieces unless there’s one I really love. I have had a go composing music, but I must say I haven’t been wholly successful in my attempts just yet! HOWEVER, as I gain inspiration and get back into the swing of playing and attempting to spur on my own creative skills who’s to say what’s to come! 😉

That’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog on this page and next time you hear from me I’m going to be sharing my first experience on a video set!

See you when I see you,                                          

Much love,


The Wonderful Companionship of Dogs

Hello all!

Hope you are all doing well under the circumstances and finding time, place, and new ways to keep your Art and work going.

Today I want to talk about something that might seem unrelated to the Performing Arts, but in reality, affects our lives – personally and professionally – more than we are aware of: Dogs!

We recently posted on our social media and website statements that from now on we are engaged in making the world better, one dog at a time. Of course, we wish we could help all animals, the whole environment, people in need, etc., but unfortunately there is only so much we can do, and so we are focusing on dogs. Why? There are loads of reasons. The general and scientific are well-known and briefly described on the link above. But in this post I want to talk about my own personal reasons.

Ever since I can remember I wished with all my heart to have a dog and nagged my parents to let me have one. The closest I got was when we had a couple of German Shepherds to be guard dogs at our small farm. I loved them, but unfortunately only saw them on weekends at most, which wasn’t enough for my “dog needs”. Then, one night, when I was 12-years-old, the surprise finally came, out of the blue: Dad said I could have a dog at home and should start looking for him/her (in retrospect, I find it he gave too much trust and responsibility to a 12-year-old! But it turned out well, as you will see). I was beyond myself in happiness and couldn’t believe it was finally true. Fast forward some months searching for a puppy, we found – or she found us – a gorgeous yellow Labrador we named Pepita. My memory is usually not the best, but I still remember vividly the day she moved-in with us – what I was doing, the game I was playing on the computer (Ange of Empire II, green colour, Celtic civilisation – what a surprise!), the first time I looked at her face, the first time she stopped being shy and started playing and running.

I was a very shy child and didn’t have many friends, and the other kids in school were quite hostile – the term “bullying” didn’t exist back then, but that’s what was happening. So Pepita became my best friend, cheered me up, played with me, gave me attention, gave me someone to talk to and, most importantly, with no judgement whatsoever and endless love.

This relationship helped me gain confidence and put myself out there throughout my adolescence and young adult life. I wonder if not for her, I would have chosen another career, more introspective and away from the limelight? Probably not.  

Pepita passed away at almost 15-years-old – and that was only because she got and infection her body couldn’t fight. Otherwise we believe she might have lived for a couple more years. We were all devasted of course, and my parents vowed not to have a dog again, for the pain of losing them is just too hard. I definitely agree with the latter, but I believe that all the happiness, love, and good moments that dogs bring offset the grief of losing them, and all the memories serve as a comfort. This happened again with my Rottie cross Magnar and will once more with my another yellow Lab Fionnuala Ann, but I can’t imagine living without a dog.

This is why I find dogs so important and hope you will join me in appreciating and sharing their wonder! Our plans are to engage and partner with animal welfare organisations to assist with fundraising, awareness, fostering and adoption. If you have ideas to engage dogs in our Arts world, please email bark@ennisdoghomecare.ie and please do follow our partner’s Instagram page!

Until next month!


Career Development in the Performing Arts. Why?

This is a question a get a lot. Unfortunately most lay people – and even worse, professionals – often wonder about the need to bother with planning (worrying!) about the career.

Well, it is pretty obvious. Performing Arts careers are no less important than other careers, particularly the so-called “traditional” or “mainstream” careers. Those have an extensive support in college in terms of development, preparation for the job market, even etiquette, then why is it that the we are pushed aside and taken for granted to busk and earn hand-me-down cents or performing for “exposure” is OK? To be completely honest if infuriates me. We work very hard, rehearse, study, and give our best. We deserve recognition and an honest earning.

This why career planing is important. It helps us navigate the bureaucracy and difficulties in out field, thus making us prepared to succeed.

If you who doesn’t know where to start, feel free to take this course: https://anahassett.ie/product/career-planning-for-performing-artists/ It is very good value for money, as I wish to reach as many performing artists as possible and straighten out industry. Alternatively, you can book a private consultancy https://anahassett.ie/get-in-touch/. Come on, let join forces and win this!

FitrWoman App

Now this is a very handy app particularity for athletes, including performers of various fields, as well as active women.

This app tracks you period, keeping you in tune with them and understanding the best days and types of trainings for best performance. It also gives many tips on nutrition, physiology, medicine research and many more. Although you can trace your symptoms daily, it is too bad there is no overview so you can have a clear monthly picture and clearly identity your symptoms with your period cycle. Nevertheless, it is worth checking!

Know more and download on https://www.fitrwoman.com/

Join Your Library

You might be aware that membership to all Irish public libraries is free. However, your lib memberships can give you online accesses that you might not know of, such as e-courses, books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers through these apps:

Press Reader: national and international newspapers

BorrowBox: eBooks & eAudiobooks

RBdigital: magazines and Transparent Language Courses

Universal Class: Online courses

Join your local library now and start taking advantage of these resources to enhance your repertoire! There is nothing like a well-informed, creative and up-to-date performing artist 😉

Articles of Interest Podcast

Another fascinating podcast! Of course, I am biased since I love fashion (Fashion and Costume Design are two of my specialisations from my Undergrad in Design) and obviously culture, as I rambled on in the previous post. This podcast is very engaging and easy to listen to, e.g. while you are showering or cooking. It talks about the cultural aspects of certain fashion accessories or clothing that you might, or not, have wondered about. But when you know why they are what they are and what they symbolises you go “Huh! Who would have though?! That is bloody cool!” As performing artists, our clothes and costumes say a lot about our performance and personality.

Listen here.

Circus for Kids

“Molly O’Brien and Lucy Warmington have been friends at Cloughjordan Circus Club since they were 9 years old! Rising through the ranks of plate spinning, juggling, hula hooping and uni-cycling, together they have now developed a special talent- the tremendous, daring art of pairs acrobatics!”

(from https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/my-creative-life-homeschool-hub-podcast/id1505305020?i=1000477286126&fbclid=IwAR2G0_pbKRPsue9Klwf0tjY0Pj92kQ2nmwwQbQtbkq5J8EUBWc5-ShcSVrQ)

Let your kids discover all the magic, physical and psychological benefits of Circus practice! Listen to the Podcast here.