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Bad Customer Services in the Dance Industry

This post is different from my usual blog and tips posts. The reason is that I have just been utterly disrespected from someone in the Dance scene. Although I hate confrontations and avoid them at all costs, I am neither one to put up with BS (pardon my language). So, I think everybody should be aware of this so-called professional and deal with her cautiously.

In order to advertise my online course, I decided to try this website called Dancing Opportunities. The information as to what the fee entails (e.g. how many emails, how long and how many times will be posted on social media etc.) was very lacking, although they charge the high amount of €15 (it would be fair if we knew exactly what we got for it.) Also, the guidelines for submitting photo is as follows: “horizontal/ landscape 960 x 540px and under 65kb” In fairness, I missed the horizontal/ landscape, but as as in design the standard for dimensions is e.g 960 x 540px means Height x Width. She should be well informed and not make up her own conventions. But the worst part is her customer services and emails:

1- “Thanks for your submission. I just sent you an invoice. It would be best if you could send me a horizontal image rather than vertical as the one you have to add it to the notice. If not I will work with the one you sent.” Detail: she sent me the invoice adding €5 to “work with the one you sent”.

2- “Since this is your first submission I will address in details your inquiry. We can’t afford that with every submission though…Due to the big volume of emails we receive daily this is the last email regarding this issue.” Seriously? Customers are not allowed to have queries?

Now this is my reply:

“Dear Mikhaela,

Please find the photo attached. I did miss the “landscape/horizontal” guideline, as in design we just use the dimensions (e.g 960 x 540px means Height x Width. But I suppose specifying landscape and disregarding the conventions is easier for lay people.

Please let me know if all is ok now so I can pay the invoice.

Also, I sent you an email months ago about the Do Dance at Home. Did you receive it?

Many thanks,

Considering everything it was pretty polite no? Mikhaela Griveva disagreed:

3- “If you’re not happy with DO’s services and wish to cancel your submission we’ll be happy to comply with your wish.
This is the third email dealing with the same issue that could have been avoided if you have followed the requirements on the website.” Seriously? Where did she get that from? What happened to good manners? And nobody can make silly mistakes or not understand ill explained guideline anymore?

I believe when you choose to work with people you have to be prepared to deal with misunderstanding, explaining things over and over until they understand, and in an approachable and friendly manner. I honestly have a hard time understanding how rude people manage to be in business. I try really hard to be the best professional ever, and can’t understand why other can’t do it.

Apologies if this post was boring or if I was overreacting. I just hope you, dear reader, wont have to go through this infuriating issues from people who should make the word better through arts.