Join Your Library

You might be aware that membership to all Irish public libraries is free. However, your lib memberships can give you online accesses that you might not know of, such as e-courses, books, audiobooks, magazines and newspapers through these apps:

Press Reader: national and international newspapers

BorrowBox: eBooks & eAudiobooks

RBdigital: magazines and Transparent Language Courses

Universal Class: Online courses

Join your local library now and start taking advantage of these resources to enhance your repertoire! There is nothing like a well-informed, creative and up-to-date performing artist 😉

Dive into Limerick’s History, without Leaving Your Home

Performing arts consultants

The Limerick Archives lets you explore the fascinating Limerick history through pictures, videos and publications. Know about the city’s Churches, influence on lace and fashion, the bacon industry and much much more. Oh, and did I say it is free? Maybe it will inspire you for your next Performing Arts show or event! How interesting would that be?!

Check it all out here.