Dogs are the best
When evolution reaches perfection!
True love
puppy butterfly

We want to make the world better for those loving and innocent creatures called dogs.

Hence, we now stand for dog welfare and will be sharing content about it, not only to brighten your day with cuteness but also to raise awareness that they are sentient being and, just as us humans, love, care, and suffer.

Why does it related to our Performing Arts business? What is better than arriving home tired and sore after all the teaching, classes, and rehearsals and see that loving, smiling face greeting you as if you are the most important person in the whole world? You instantly feel more energised and loved – because, to that dog, you are!

Additionally, it is proven beyond doubt that dogs make us happier – even helping in dealing with depression and anxiety – de-stress us, and are an infinite source of inspiration!

If you are an animal welfare organisation have a furry friend and want them to be featured, drop us an email

Hope you understand our position and enjoy our posts! Let’s make the world a better place, one doggy at a time!