Why Do You Need Research?

Performing Arts research helps us understand issues and, as a consequence, increase public awareness.

Are you an organisation, studio, or individual professional? You might be preparing a funding application and having ideas for a project or show and need more information on a subject. You might also have bureaucratic forms to fill and need to sort all the in-depth info for your proposal and don’t have enough time (or inclination!) to do so.

Don’t worry, we can help! Our experienced researchers can provide all the data you need for your project, and even fill the forms and reports.

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, research not only builds knowledge but also facilitates learning, and it is required for all professionals, regardless their sector. It helps us understand issues and, as a consequence, increase public awareness.

As a performing artist or organisation, research will help you clarify ideas, problems, and increase your success. With so much information circulating nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to filter them and find the truth, and not be fooled by fake news that can be absolutely detrimental for someone’s career or business.

Also, through research professionals develop their potential and achieve goals by securing employment, grants and funding, collaboration, and many more.

Of course, a very thorough research takes a lot of time. This why we are here to help you! We deliver outstanding research tailored to your needs, conducted by researchers in the Arts sector, at affordable price and full confidentiality.

Below are the most common topics that emerging artists need our help with:

  • Proposal for Third Level application
  • Proposal for Post-Doc application
  • Ethics form application
  • Bursary, scholarships and grants
  • Business plan
  • Proposal/application review and proof-reading
  • In-depth information on a theme for arts shows/events
  • Project-based research