UL Graduate and Professional Studies Webinar Series – 19 June 2020

Ana Hassett is delighted to be presenting on this webinar series organised by the Graduate and Professional Studies from the University of Limerick. Her presentation is about Career Planning – something every student needs!

Joint ICTM/SMI Annual Postgraduate Conference 2020

An exciting event bringing music and arts postgraduate students from all over the world to present and discover new insights in music studies, in a welcoming and friendly environment.

University of Limerick Research Week 2019

Your Career as an Adventure with Ana Camillo and Kara O’Brien, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Camillo is a PhD candidate whose research is the embodiment of culture within a festival/ritual context.  O’Brien is a singer, scholar, artist manager and founder of RootsStrings Management which focuses on supporting emerging artists and helping them build sustainable careers in the music industry.  

This presentation would ask participants to think about their career and life the way they would an adventure story. We will explore ways to approach your career plan as an exciting chance to build your ideal life. Beginning with creating your own definition for success, this presentation will take participants through various strategies to find the right allies and opportunities, create milestones, and overcome inevitable challenges. 

“Dancers are the messengers of the Gods.”

 –  Martha Graham