Old Bones Podcast

I know, this apparently has nothing whatsoever to do with Performing Arts, or events for that matter. However, I always had a huge fascination with the past, especially Archaeology (my dream as a young girl was to be an archaeologist, but you know, life takes you to places you never imagine). I actually got a bit close to it while studding Anthropology, but my focus ended up being Ethnochoreology, which is pretty related to Dance Anthropology. So, I am not that far off (makes me happy to feel that anyway!)

But enough about me. I would like to share this very interesting Podcast. Hosted by Andy Earnshaw, archaeologist from Durham University, the cast talks about different historical periods in a storytelling way, very understandable to non-specialists and engaging.

I firmly believe that both Archaeology and Anthropology are essential to humankind, no matter the individual’s background or line of work. They explain what it is the be human, what is inherent and instinctive to humans. Why we do what we do. So yeah, it is relevant to us performing artists too!

Listen to and learn more about Old Bones Podcast here.