Career Development in the Performing Arts. Why?

This is a question a get a lot. Unfortunately most lay people – and even worse, professionals – often wonder about the need to bother with planning (worrying!) about the career.

Well, it is pretty obvious. Performing Arts careers are no less important than other careers, particularly the so-called “traditional” or “mainstream” careers. Those have an extensive support in college in terms of development, preparation for the job market, even etiquette, then why is it that the we are pushed aside and taken for granted to busk and earn hand-me-down cents or performing for “exposure” is OK? To be completely honest if infuriates me. We work very hard, rehearse, study, and give our best. We deserve recognition and an honest earning.

This why career planing is important. It helps us navigate the bureaucracy and difficulties in out field, thus making us prepared to succeed.

If you who doesn’t know where to start, feel free to take this course: It is very good value for money, as I wish to reach as many performing artists as possible and straighten out industry. Alternatively, you can book a private consultancy Come on, let join forces and win this!