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Here is what our current and past clients have to say about us 🙂

I employed the services of Ana Hassett during a busy period for Fidget Feet in early 2020. She assisted me with travel booking, social media, creating flyers, and general administration work. She was efficient, easy to work with, and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and wish her every success.

Chantal McCormick

executive Creative Director Fidget Feet Aerial Dance

I have had the pleasure of working with Ana for five years now. I have constantly been impressed by her reliability, pro-active nature, professionalism, and ability to think creatively to come up with novel insights/solutions. She is very good at understanding my vision and working with me to achieve what I want in the way that I see it. Not only is she excellent at producing results, her wide-ranging interests and superb writing skills means that she is able to deliver results that are much broader in scope than I initially would have come up with for myself. She has that rare background where she understands the academic sides of things as well as the performance side of things and is able to speak fluently and effectively to both parties. I could not recommend anyone better suited to helping you achieve your career goals!

Hannah Santino


I was Ana’s student back in the day in Gypsy and Arab dances. I learned a lot from her – she is a great teacher with excellent didactic, very creative with routines, and overall a master in everything dancing. Additionally, she is very friendly with the students and encourage their creativity. I am fan of Ana’s and the work that she keeps developing, loving what she does, always researching e evolving. An excellent professional that I trust 100%.

Gypsy dance, Romani dance, Flamenco

Mariana Martins


I was Ana’s student for many years. Today, most of my dance knowledge comes from her teaching, because she, on top of being very knowledgeable of movements and gestures, also knows and transmits the history and aesthetics of the dances she teaches. With Ana, beyond the kinetics part, the student learns the Ethnochoreology of their Art. She also keeps the class mood uplifted without losing the focus, and is very patient in teaching students from diverse backgrounds, ages, and bio types. I definitely recommend her!

Iara Xavier

Iara Xavier


I have the pleasure in recommending Ana Hassett. I was her dance student and it was so gratifying. She makes a difference everywhere she goes, she is assertive and incredibly dedicated professional who does her best. Her knowledge and experience in many areas of the performing arts in general assist on the development of student’s abilities to reach their goals. Ana is also friendly and approachable, which creates a interpersonal relationship that foments positives discussions and sharing of ideas, thus revealing the best in each student. I am sure whoever needs Ana’s consulting will be in very good hands with someone extremely committed and knowledgeable of the field, beside s being an amazing person. Thank you so much Ana!

Maria Fernanda Meneghetti

Maria Fernanda Meneghetti


Ana Hassett consultancy is a brilliant company, friendly and knowledgeable. The Career Planning course, in particular is so helpful, straight to the point and excellent value for money. Can’t wait so take the upcoming courses!

Silmara Silva

HR Manager

I have known Ana for decades – we actually met at dance classes. She is extremely dedicated, kind, helpful and humble. Her knowledge of everything dancing and performing is amazing, particularly the bureaucracy.

Elisabete Zancanella


I know Ana for many years now, and I had the pleasure to work with her in many occasions. Most performing artists are at a loss when it comes to career planning, writing applications, etc. This is why Ana Hassett’s work is so important to ensure that any performing artist keeps competitive in the market as well as to promote a stronger Performing Arts community in Ireland (and worldwide) through a friendly approach, yet very pragmatic and knowledgeable. The online courses are so helpful and affordable! Definitely recommend!

Fernanda Zamboni


Performing artists often find themselves lost in the bureaucracy, funding applications, and where to direct their careers. Now they have a chance to find their way at a fair price at Ana Hassett Performing Arts Consultancy and Research. It is a business that many have been waiting for in Ireland. Ana Hassett Performing Arts Consultants and Research was recommended to me by a friend whom the tutoring did wonders for him. He was right on the money. I found the journey very pleasant and filled with patience.
I enjoyed the experience and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who willing improve or learn new dance styles. And also to both emerging and established artists.

Bukhosi Danley


Ana is an amazing and dedicated professional. Besides having a vast experience in the performing arts, she never tires of gaining more knowledge and is always willing to help customers.

Marco Neto


Cannot recommend Ana Hassett enough. Her customer service is outstanding and she is always willing to help, even going beyond her job.

Célia Santos


I met Ana through YouTube looking to find a dance tutor with competitive rates and patience for a man with two left feet. I spent a lot of time with her and knew straight away the knew what she was talking about to help me get ready for an event in the near future. I would highly recommend for anyone who can’t dance or willing to learn new dances.

John Carr


Ana Hassett Consultancy is the very first of its kind and it is a brilliant idea to support performing artists – after all we need them to brighten our lives. Her team very knowledgeable, approached and kind. And the value for money is excellent. Cannot recommend enough!

Marina Aleixo


I definitely would recommend Ana’s Performing Arts Consultancy, the firm really helped with my research. I was lost in bureaucracy, and the firm really assisted me with applying for funding applications. I received a lot of help directing my career focus. I’d definitely recommend to other artists, both emerging an established, I found the pricing fair and the ability to have an open dialogue about my career and future plans with an experienced professional who really beneficial.

Daniel Michael


I have known Ana for many years. She’s an amazing person and teacher. She is kind, good-tempered and humble, but very serious and professional about dancing, which she has a great knowledge, both practical and theoretical.

Wallace William