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Here, I am going to share all kinds of stuff that I think are useful to performing artists or simply interesting to anyone – performing arts and events do not live in the vacuum after all. We are all connected in this world and thus affected by it. Keep in tune and sign-up below for loads of interesting info 🙂

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Tadgh’s words on 2021

2021 The year it’ll all hopefully turn around. From lockdown to lockdown and now to lockdown again , we finally have a bit of hope on the horizon, a bit of light.    But behind us we have a year of hardship, loss, grief and hopelessness – as well as a year also consisting of hope, […]

Sophie’s Welcome to AH

Hello to everyone reading this post! I’m Sophie, I’m new to Ana Hassett Performing Arts Consultancy and Research’s team  and this month I’m bringing to you a blog about my field of study, my interests and how they led me to work with them for my coop work placement! I am currently a second year […]

The Wonderful Companionship of Dogs

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well under the circumstances and finding time, place, and new ways to keep your Art and work going. Today I want to talk about something that might seem unrelated to the Performing Arts, but in reality, affects our lives – personally and professionally – more than we are […]

Career Development in the Performing Arts. Why?

This is a question a get a lot. Unfortunately most lay people – and even worse, professionals – often wonder about the need to bother with planning (worrying!) about the career. Well, it is pretty obvious. Performing Arts careers are no less important than other careers, particularly the so-called “traditional” or “mainstream” careers. Those have […]

FitrWoman App

Now this is a very handy app particularity for athletes, including performers of various fields, as well as active women. This app tracks you period, keeping you in tune with them and understanding the best days and types of trainings for best performance. It also gives many tips on nutrition, physiology, medicine research and many […]

Join Your Library

Join your local library now and start taking advantage of these resources to enhance your repertoire! There is nothing like a well-informed, creative and up-to-date performing artist 😉

Circus for Kids

“Molly O’Brien and Lucy Warmington have been friends at Cloughjordan Circus Club since they were 9 years old! Rising through the ranks of plate spinning, juggling, hula hooping and uni-cycling, together they have now developed a special talent- the tremendous, daring art of pairs acrobatics!” (from Let your kids discover all the magic, physical […]

Old Bones Podcast

They explain what it is the be human, what is inherent and instinctive to humans. Why we do what we do. So yeah, it is relevant to us performing artists too!

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